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First of all you can find the documentation of all the paid scripts directly on the wiki: https://script.redstartrp.fr

How to buy ?

First you must have an account on CFX.re (click on the link to register if needed)

When you add a script to your cart, you must enter your CFX.re username when prompted.
it is possible that you are asked to log in to discord and enter an email address

FiveM Assets Escrow

To protect us from leaks, our resources use the FiveM system to protect our scripts.
After a purchase on our site, you have to go to your FiveM's Keymaster site, then go to
your purchased assets.

Keymaster link : https://keymaster.fivem.net/


After that, you just have to download the script you bought which will be in the granted assets section.
Attention, you must be the owner of the server keymaster to use the resource you purchased.


Resource Name

For the proper functioning of each of our paid scripts, it is important not to rename them, otherwise the script would not work anymore

Failed to verify protected resource

You may need to update your artifacts on your server (our scripts are tested on 2699 game version)
You should not remove the .fxap from your folder, it is a protection that must be included


We do not give refunds on script purchases, especially in view of the increase in script leaks on some forums.
Our Discord provides full support in case of problems.

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